We provide a tailored service to help you build a pipeline of targeted business development opportunities.

Our Pipeline & Introductions service is designed with three primary objectives.

  • Connect with opportunities: Specialist market assessment, develop your pipeline and position your USP
  • Find your customers: Identify your customer needs, understand buying influences and help develop relationships
  • Prioritise routes to market: clarify strategic priorities, rank opportunities and help you focus investment


Access to continuous horizon scanning

We are in communication with multiple rail sector customers and suppliers on a daily basis, and receive continual intelligence we share in a targeted way

Monthly pipeline meeting

(typically 1-2 hours) - opportunities, market developments and other insights relevant to you. Also, time critical opportunities - we will share with you as they arise

Partnering opportunities

by understanding your strategy, we will be on the look out for targeted collaboration options and can facilitate introductions where desired

Review discussion every 6 months

ensuring our relationship is working effectively for you and how we can improve

what you receive

  • Notification of opportunities as they arise
  • Monthly meeting to help build your pipeline of opportunities
  • Facilitate targeted introductions to potential customers and partners
  • Ongoing advice on prioritisation aligned to your strategy

System to commercialise innovation

We can help facilitate your process to drive growth, bringing expertise and content at each stage.

  1. We help ensure your value proposition is clear and addresses customer needs and context

  2. We help identify all the things you need to commercialise, and build practical plans & roadmaps to put them in place

  3. We help identify and select the right partners, design your partnerships, and secure finance

  4. We help tailor your marketing strategy, and assist with targeted profile raising via RBD publications & events

  5. We help identify upcoming opportunities, develop your bidding strategy and response, and negotiate contracts


commercialise innovation

We help accelerate the cycle of innovation, engage user & supplier communities and build & deploy commercial plans


We help design, build & deploy partnerships. We also provide support on securing investment, tax credits, and deliver desired culture change


We will deploy advertising and PR whilst providing media training through the RBD family. We will develop a go-to-market strategy whilst designing and deploying marketing campaigns


We will apply our SCI methodology to help ensure a comprehensive approach that targets the right activities on the right success criteria at the right time

what you receive

  • Committed days every month from our team of experienced specialists
  • Team will be adapted to meet your specific needs as these change over time
  • Planning, organising & facilitating user-supplier engagement
  • Designing, writing and deploying commercialisation plans

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